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Reiki I, II & Mastery Certificate Training Program

Reiki I, II & Mastery Certificate Training Program

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Become a Reiki Master from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to modern technology you can complete a Reiki Masters course via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom tutorials with Elke Love.

Elke's Reiki Mastery includes 7 Reiki attunement levels over 5 x 3 hour private tutorials. You will also receive additional Eloha/Elohim & Ophanim attunements that are unique to this Reiki Mastery program and a personal gift from Elke.

During the course you will be attuned by distance and sit an assessment before you receive your Reiki Masters and Eloha Elohim Ophanim Certificates.

What do I learn in this course?

This intensive training will provide you with 7 Reiki attunements in the original healing tradition (read more about Reiki below), learning more about the tradition and its history. This energetic healing application can help to balance the mind, body and spirit, calm nervous tension, promote better sleep and accelerate the healing process in the body. It can be sent over long distances to help loved ones, and can even help your pets. You may also use it as a form of self healing therapy.

Eloha/Elohim/Ophanim Angelic healing is a gift brought to you by the Guardians of Light. The feminine/yin aspect (Eloha) and the masculine/yang aspect (Elohim) often get out of balance. This can lead to feelings of vulnerability or aggression, and create blocks in the flow of 'chi' through the meridians in the body. This powerful Eloha/Elohim combination can be used separately, or with Reiki as each energy has its own unique frequency. You will receive up to 32 strand attunements of each Eloha and Elohim healing in conjunction with the Reiki attunements.

You will also learn how to channel Angel Light energy and experience a connection with the divine.

On completion of this training you will receive your Reiki I, II & Reiki Master Certificates, as well as a certificate for Eloha & Elohim & Angel Light Healing and be able to practise what you've learned immediately. The more you use these energies the stronger and more effective they become. Learn hand positions on yourself and a partner to use at bedtime for a better sleep.

If you wish to further your studies and become a practitioner, see also the Reiki Practitioner Certificate Course. 

To find out more about Reiki read Elke's blog.