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Powerful Life Changing MP3s to fill your life with miracles & positively change you from the inside out. Guided meditations for healing trauma, increasing your spiritual awareness & helping you develop powerful intuition. Attract abundance by subliminally clearing self sabotage, blocks & programming, & add in incredibly high vibrating manifesting energies, programming, & powerful positive new attitudes & belief systems.

None of the main tracks repeat, as in other similar systems which repeat the same 5 -30 minutes track over & over for the entire length of the recording. With Elke’s powerful MP3 series, you receive hours worth of very deep subconscious cleansing, releasing old habits, trauma, fears, sabotage, metaphysical influences such as entities & curses, as well social & generational & mimicked programs of self punishment, unhealthy beliefs, & much more, all in a healthy, safe way with Elke Love’s “Powerful Positive Healing, Clearing, Transformation & Manifesting” paraliminal series. “You never have to remember anything that it is not good for you to remember” is repeated throughout each track.

Elke has delved deeply into hundreds of clients‘ subconscious, unconscious minds & soul histories to determine exactly what causes these stubborn issues that need clearing to help you live the life you want, & instills the belief in you over a few short months that it’s really ok for you to have a wonderful life.

Elke’s incredibly detailed psychological/emotional/spiritual/metaphysical/nutritional analysis has  culminated in what her clients say is the “most powerful, life changing, easy fix we’ve ever discovered. Our business is thriving, we just got married after years of fighting, we haven’t spoken a harsh word to each for months! You’re amazing Elke, we don’t know how we can ever repay you.” (Greg & Dave CEOs & Founders of tech company UK). 

Play daily, on repeat as much as you can, within 1-2 metres of your body, at 1/4 to 1/3 volume, softer if you have ear buds in. It’s best not to play it louder as the conscious mind may block your progress if you hear the words being spoken. Prayers are included which elevates the vibration of your body & space to help clear faster, you do not have to be of any faith, or any particular faith for these to work. You can play other music, tv, video games over the top, as long as these volumes of the MP3 are correct.

You need to play your MP3 for at least once daily for 16 weeks or so. Just remember, it’s like trying to install software on a computer, if it’s not done all in one go, the software won’t install properly. If you miss a couple of days, the clearing & healing will continue for up to 3 days after you’ve stopped listening, so just start again asap. 

Save your MP3s to your files folder or Home Screen so the link doesn’t expire & then you can save them to your favourite recorder app to play on repeat. 

Remember your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health is worth the investment of your time to do this properly. For more information download the PDF & Introduction MP3. Enjoy your life, after all, it belongs to you!

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