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Powerful Paraliminal Healing MP3s with Elke Love

Elke takes you on gentle, yet powerful journeys with the spoken word. Feel yourself relax and be empowered through these many amazing journeys into your soul & out into the universe. Using the best of thousands of deep psychology, emotional & metaphysical clearing, healing, manifesting scripts Elke has written over the past 22 years analysing her clients, you not only receive deep & powerful clearing of your cellular memory, soul memory & behaviour triggers, but each track gives you thousands of frequencies of healing energies such as Reiki & Malachim healing, & hypnotic programming to become the healthiest, happiest, most authentic  self you desire to be. Every track is scripted for the entire duration of each track, nothing repeats as most hypnosis or healing tracks do in the market today.

“Paraliminals (subliminals) with Elke Love” with an overlay of beautiful music. You will receive thousands of healing, clearing & positive manifesting energy downloads every time you listen.

There are up to 8 tracks behind the music, at frequencies directed to your subconscious mind. Your brain is capable of hearing much lower decibels than your conscious awareness. These tracks include negative energy busters such as exorcisms, Ho’oponopono prayers, Prayer mantras from around the world & Elke’s powerful directions to relax, clear out baggage, behaviours, addictions, unhealthy belief systems, self sabotage, entities, unhealthy attachments, trauma and much more. If there is nothing specific to clear in that part of program, then it’s like trying to empty an empty cup, nothing happens for the parts that aren’t relevant to you.

You are always directed to “heal & clear in the best ways for you” and “you don’t have to remember anything that is not healthy for you to remember”. Every album has positive manifesting directions & energies at the end.

To achieve best results, listen daily for about 4 months. You can put them on repeat, listen at bedtime, with the TV on, as you work or exercise in the background, as long as you can hear Elke’s voice murmuring when the music begins to start, then you can put other noise on over the top, such as the TV. It is not recommended to use while driving.

These tracks will work even if you don’t speak English as the energies direct the healing into your soul. These super powerful recordings are based on Elke’s 18 years of healing and clearing and script writing to deprogram behaviour, trauma and addictions, while always adding the healing touch through Elke Love’s complex Quantum Entanglement Healing Matrix.

Reprogramming or positive manifesting consists of healthy new belief systems and directions as well as manifesting healthy love, money, relationships etc.

Most people are likely to experience hot hands and feet and may also experience fatigue and hot flushes as toxins and toxic emotions are expelled from the body, mind and soul. This is a great sign that you are flushing out your old baggage - just as if you were sick from the flu, as your body heals you may need more sleep. Be kind to yourself.

Read testimonials from Elke’s clients for more insight about the benefits of these reprogramming tracks.