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Help Elke to support her favourite charities - donation links and charity information will be available soon.

“As God’s chosen ones, holy & beloved, clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness & patience.” Colossians: 3:12

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Mission: to help homeless children & returned service veterans in Australia by working with registered charity & welfare organisations, businesses & social media.
Mission: to help animals in need in Queensland Australia & animals around the world who need rescuing & rehabilitation, by working with registered charity & welfare organisations, businesses & social media.”
Elke Love has personally donated 150 hours every year to three underprivileged people, since 2000. She has also donated 3500 hours of Astral Light Work, Distance Healing, Spiritual Warfare (removing entities, curses, black magic, psychic attack, ghosts, demons etc) for FREE every year since 2001.
Elke Love is now working with animals & closing her books to this pro bono Astral Light Work service until October 30, 2020 as her schedule for this work is now full. Elke Love is still providing her VIP 2019 Clientele with this service at 80% discounted rates with paid consultations including Discount Pre-Paid Packages until October 30, 2020, to assist with the Covid19 self isolation directives.
Current work:
April-July 2020: standby for directions for a blanket drive for the homeless in Queensland Australia
Elke at Heart of Light Chapel will donate $10 for every ‘Soul Biography Report’ sold during this period.
April-July 2020: donations for weather proof tents which includes a mattress, mosquito net, storage pockets & privacy for the homeless, in a compact 3 kg portable backpack. Even though we are working towards getting the homeless off the streets altogether, this is a practical solution, especially for the winter months when shelters become over crowded.
Elke at Heart of Light Chapel will donate $15 for every ‘Are they my soulmate?’ sold during this period.
April- July 2020: the RSPCA desperately needs monetary donations for these beautiful animals fostered into temporary homes with loving human carers. Money is needed for food & medical bills during this Covid19 period, as the RSPCA has been forced to close its doors.
Elke at Heart of Light Chapel will donate $10 for every ‘Pet communication & Soulmate Report’ sold during this period.

RSPCA animal rescue & shelter Australia. Over 30,000 animal ambulance jobs were undertaken by RSPCA Queensland 2018/2019. The shelters are currently closed due to Covid 19, & the dear animals, mostly cats & dogs are currently with foster families. You can donate by going to your local RSPCA website & search for the donate button. You can also volunteer. You can report all animal cruelty, and these workers will follow up for you on your behalf. You can also report animals in distress.  Donations are 100% tax deductible.