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Healing for Confidence & Creativity - Powerful Paraliminal with Elke Love

Healing for Confidence & Creativity - Powerful Paraliminal with Elke Love

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Please see the PDF for general information on these Powerful Paraliminals, & what to expect while you’re healing & clearing.

96 minutes, 131 mb

Healing for Confidence and Creativity unblocks the creative gifts we’ve learned, inherited & are part of our soul path in this lifetime. Sometimes we get stuck, for so many reasons, we procrastinate & our creative flow becomes effected by anxiety especially when we depend on this gift to pay the bills.

We often lack the courage to do what is best for us, because when we do, it often results in disappointing others, or worse. The manifesting at the end helps your higher consciousness to decide what is best for you, & work out how you can get on track with your creative skills, to enjoy what your doing once more, and be confident that what you’re doing is good for you. Most of our beliefs are subconscious, & the subconscious is the most powerful part of us. Many clients say, “I’ve tried everything, from thinking positive to vision boards, but nothing is working.” 

When I coach someone, I always implement these cognitive (or conscious) exercises. We need these visual, textural & audible tools to keep our conscious mind focused on the positive. However without clearing out cellular memory, which is of course run by the amigdala in the brain, from our experiences & what told is true. Then there is soul memory, ancestral memory & genetic memory. Throw in some metaphysical influences, & we have the complex soup of our unconscious. Until these influences no longer exist (through clearing), we can’t get away from these drivers, no matter how hard we try.

Every MP3 has a powerful main track under the music, with several back tracks. The main track never repeats, it takes you into a safe place inside yourself, & instructs you to never remember anything (consciously) that it is not good for you to remember. Like installing anti virus software on a Pc, if you close your Pc before it’s finished installing, the software won’t do the job it’s programmed to do, which is why you need to listen to it daily for 16 weeks, either when you’re asleep, in the background while you do other things, next to you while you watch tv etc. As long as you can hear a soft mumbling at the beginning,  then the volume is right. If you can hear multiple specific words, it’s a little bit too loud, as your conscious mind often won’t want to let go of what sabotages you because it’s familiar.

If you’re an older soul or you’ve experienced more trauma than others, you may want to listen to the MP3 longer, that’s completely ok, use your intuition. You may play this at any time after you’ve done all the clearing as you’ll receive the thousands of frequencies of healing energies download, Reiki being 7 frequencies, even if there’s nothing left to clear. 

You may listen to up to 3 of the Powerful Paraliminals per day, but not at the same exact time, playing them one after another is ok.

Enjoy your changes, have faith, you deserve to get well, to be healthy & to be very very happy.